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Can you just imagine 300 million people who understand Russian language or use it as native. Most of them do not know the English language but are interested in something new and are able to buy the unique products that are presented at crowdfunding campaigns on different platforms.

We launched a few projects on Kickstarter that run successful and got good support from our country and neighboring Russian speaking countries as it was easier for us to advertise here. But we spent a lot of time explaining to the potential buyers that liked our products in here how to buy step by step and we were surprised that it was not that easy for them as we had thought.

This is how the idea of making this website came. Due to our experience we wanted to open the world of something new, interesting and often unique to our people buy choosing the products we like and making articles in the language they understand and help with instructions for those who want to purchase.

We can help you

Other words we are highlighting something that seems interesting and worth seeing. The article will be written by the professional copywriters with the links to your campaign page and webpage if there will be one (optional).

Please feel free to contact us if you believe in your product and think it is unique in some way

Our services

Writing a unique introductory article about your campaign in Russian language
Informing (by emails) our subscribers and send them a link of your campaign page