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Writing a unique introductory article about your campaign on

SKU: 7771

About advertising campaign:

For just 17$, we are ready to write an introductory article about your project and post it in our blog.

Our service will help you in promoting your campaign among people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and some other European countries.

Our marketing service advantages:

  • Publication of the article about your project will be with the actual link
  • You allow additional Beckers to support your project
  • More people may tell each other about your project that will launch the word of mouth effect
  • Successful completion of the project chances increase
  • The article is placed on a permanent basis on our website that allow you to bring customers even after completion of the project
  • We put a link to your website and a group on the social networks if you plan to create those

Time of order execution:

  • The article about your campaign will be executed within 2-3 days and then we send you the link for aproval. 
  • We will make all the necessary changes if needed (you may inform us the details by email).